"In only a short time with this stuff, I feel like I'm learning in an entirely different way -- I enjoy it, I spend less time, and the really big thing: I have very little anxiety about tests.  Or at least, a lot less than I used to have, even as I'm consistently getting the highest grades in class.  I want to spread the word to everyone I know."  1st year graduate student in Nursing, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 Learning Foundations: Learning How to Learn 

(3 - 6 hours, private coaching)

Too often, students are expected to function, compete, achieve and excel without the tools and skills they need.  

You do not need to be a “poor” student to benefit from this program of instruction. But neither do you need to be in school to be a student.  In general, you can expect that through the experience of this course you will:  

  • Understand and capitalize on your strengths, as a student and in general
  • Access your whole brain potential, and find creative solutions for long-standing difficulties               
  • Learn to take effective, meaningful notes that help you to understand now and remember later         
  • At least double or triple your reading rate and maximize your comprehension and memory, in everything you read
  • Learn to expend minimum effort with maximum results, wherever you put your attention and in whatever field you work              
  • More powerfully and effectively focus attention, and learn the difference between 'multi-tasking' and 'multi-distractions'              
  • Reduce anxiety and increase confidence, in everything