"I feel MUCH more confident about this test.  I used to dread the reading sections, but as crazy as it sounds, now I look forward to them. I feel like I know exactly where I need to go, and how to answer.  And just like you said, the reading is getting easier in all my courses in school, too.  I especially feel better about the math sections.  Just breaking everything down, and writing everything down, has made a huge difference.  I mean, it's really pretty amazing."  Sophomore, Durham Academy 


As The College Board says on its website, over 2 million kids will take the SAT this year.  

Only a very small percentage will feel as though they're ready.

It's our business to get you more "ready" than you thought possible.  

This course is made up of four (4) main components:

1) Reviewing and reinforcing basic mathematical and verbal skills, as well as training each student in techniques of reading comprehension and “speed reading”

2) “Cracking the code” for every type of problem, and finding effective “approach routines” for every section

3) Examining and effectively addressing issues of test and performance anxiety

and, one of the most important aspects of any preparation, in any field,

4) Learning how to focus and practice effectively. 

This last may be what makes this course and our approach so effective even for students who have found little success in other preparatory programs: every student learns about the necessities and subtleties of practice, how to put forth the right effort to make skills automatic and effortless, and how to take these very basic, though seldom understood skills of practice into his/her other endeavors. 

Unsurprisingly, a course such as this will help the student “lay the ground” for both solid scores and future improvement. At the very least, students can expect to significantly raise their scores, on the average over 200 points on their next SAT.