What Students Have to Say

Thank you so much for all the help you've given Sammi for both her SAT prep and her college essays. You've had a great impact and been an incredible inspiration for her!  How lucky we were to have found you!!

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your tutoring my son, Will, for the SAT. It was amazing to watch his confidence improve in just a few short weeks of working with you. Your thoughtful, personal approach was just what he needed. I hope Will's brother, a freshman at CFS, gets the chance to work with you too.

Hi Richard,
I hope you are doing well! I just wanted to update you on my SAT Scores -- I got them back today, and my writing went from a 690 to a 770! I am so happy!! I got a 10 on the essay and a 76 raw score on the multiple choice. So now my total "superscore" went from a 2180 to a 2260 -- yay!  I just wanted to give you an update, and thank you for ALL of your help these past few years! You have been amazing!!

Dear Rich,
Jessica felt like she got a lot out of the course you offered.  She felt like it was very, very useful and helpful.  She found the one-on-one time helpful, too. 
I actually don't remember her exact scores - but just to bring you somewhat up to date, she did get at least 700 on two.  She was very happy with her improvement, particularly in the math. 
Thank you for your carefully considered and consciously developed review course.  I think it is a gift that so many young people get to experience your approach, likely learning life-long skills.  (Light years away from the kind of review courses I remember)

Rich, scores from the SAT came in this morning, and  I am pleased to inform you that my CR did jump from a 680 to a 740. I also tied my math of 770 and brought my writing from 760 to 780. That makes this one test score, 2290, my highest in every single section. Also, it seems I finally found a way around the essay. Even though I got yet another score of 9, I got an MC subscore of 80. I want to thank you for all of your help; your mentality about the test was different than that of anyone else, and I think the mindset of fighting for a perfect score, coupled with writing myself little notes, was what really helped me the most.

Rich, I want to thank you.  I don't want to thank you for being my teacher. I want to thank you for being the teacher that you are. As far as knowing stuff for school, you honestly didn't teach me anything I couldn't have taught myself. What you taughtme was how to think, how to learn. Not only how to acquire knowledge but also how to use it.

I just wanted to let you know how I did on this past test. I got a 690 on math, which I'm disappointed about because I thought I had my method and mindset (i.e. NOT a math test) figured out. I had been getting full scores on practice math tests too, and in this past test, the math sections felt easier than usual. However, I have the 700 from the first test. On reading, I scored 750 again, and on writing I got 800 which I'm pleased with (but only an 11 on my essay...). So in terms of combined scores, I now have a 2250.

Thank you again for all of your help. It made a huge difference, and I really enjoyed working with you. I'm quite interested in psychology as well as mindfulness, and I'm hoping that I will actually have time to give them some thought this summer and next year.

At first I absolutely hated the idea of coming in on a Saturday to take a three-hour SAT course.  But after the first two sessions, I became much more comfortable not only with the idea of coming in on Saturday, but also the material being covered.  I feel like I learned an incredible amount the past few weeks, and I know it’s not new material, but I learned how to interpret/unpack the problems presented.