"Wow – this definitely is one of the highlights of my time here at DA.It’s good to simply have someone there to help with a typically stressful thing. Too often, the default paradigm in school these days is one of assessment and competition rather than a genuine interest in a person as a thinker and learner.I get the overall sense that this kind of a course can fill in those gaps!" Senior, Durham Academy

Why do students fail?

Most have simply never learned how to learn.  Although we've been told to 'pay attention' since most of us were just toddlers, we've never been told HOW to pay attention!

Our Student Mind series of courses is designed to deliver not only highly effective academic strategies, but training beyond mere strategy to the real keys to success, in any arena or discipline.

In short, students learn about their minds, and how to use them.

Courses range in length from single-day workshops to 15 and 30-day programs to ongoing one-on-one tutoring for students. If your school or business is within 50 miles of Chapel Hill, courses can be arranged on-site during normal day or evening hours, during weekends, or as addendum to students’ schedules. 

Most importantly, we tailor each course to meet the needs of the client and the student. Financial assistance is available.