When I prepare a student for a test, I'm working not only to improve the score -- but most importantly to make sure that the student has solid foundations all the way around.  I usually recommend that students start their prep about two months before their first test.

Core components of our training include:

  • Expert instruction in Reading, Writing and Mathematics
  • Practical skills, tools and training for reducing fear and anxiety and maximizing peak performance
  • Training in general problem-solving and concentration
  • Proven, successful strategies for each type of problem
  • Tutorial support, ensuring that every student ‘gets it’, no matter what the starting point


Rates for Test Prep 

I charge in a few different ways.  By the hour ($100), or by the course.

For students already in the 80th or 90th percentiles, it often takes no more than 5 or 10 hourly sessions with me for them to get the tools they need – so weekly sessions are probably best and most economical.  Because good practice on their own is so important, I also keep fairly regular Skype “office hours”, and all my students are invited to check in with me anytime they’re having difficulty.  I’m happy to spend whatever time they need to clarify and to help them work through problems and practice.

As far as courses go, I've tried to structure prices for personal courses around what different students need.  For most students with PSAT (or analogous) scores above the 50% mark, I offer a Basic Course for $1,000.  With this basic course, I usually start once per week sessions about two months before the first SAT/GRE/ACT, and then work with the student until the 2nd test administration.  I often see a lot of progress and higher scores as the student simply gets used to taking the actual exam. A Basic Course consists of:

  •       11 private hourly sessions
  •       5 practice tests (along with a "debrief" and review after each)
  •       Unlimited emails and Skype "office hours"


For students under the 50% mark, or who need more intensive or deeper instruction or work with particular skills (reading, writing, math, test-taking, anxiety, etc..), I charge $1,500 for a longer course, or a more concentrated one. Students will almost always take the SAT two or more times, and some three.  This option gives us more opportunity to work between test administrations for a longer time, and begin perhaps 2 or 3 months before the exam:

  •       16 private sessions
  •       8 practice tests  (along with a review and evaluations with me)
  •       Unlimited email and Skype office hours      


And for students who need to build their basic skills all around (those who score below the 25% mark on one or all of the SAT areas).  

$2,000 for unlimited personal sessions, practice tests, office hours and communication.  

I'm pleased to be flexible with my fee if there's financial hardship.